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Novo Nordisk:NN Words——The NN Way
Jul 08,2022
Novo Nordisk:NN Words——The NN Way

Effective corporate  management is both a science and an art. Scientific management process and quantitative management implementation ensure the accuracy of the execution and the humanistic culture and the participative organizational atmosphere unite every member of the enterprise under its vision and mission.

“NN Words—The NN Way”allows the discussion by the  management on social philosophy of this great biopharmaceutical company, the wisdom of Novo Nordisk senior managers is brought together, and the corporate vision values and personal values are cleverly collided, so that the wisdom of the managers and the social ideals of the organization collide with the spark of deep thought. 

“NN WORDS photo Report_Novo Nordisk_NN WORDS_v6_20170918”的副本-14.jpg

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