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GE Leadership Academy Lecturer Senior-level Executive Coach/ Leithon Consulting Organizational Development Senior Consultant/ Leithon Consulting Leadership Development Senior Consultant
Ph.D in Applied Psychology, Yale University/ Innovation Strategy Consultant/ Cross-cultural Integration Expert/ Former Senior Consultant in Organizational Effectiveness for BASF Group/ Former BCG Consultant & Business Partner/ Executive President of Leithon Consulting Group/ Strategic OE & Leadership Development Expert/ TED Speaker and TED-x Event Sponsor
Senior Consultant of Lean Startup/ Lean Black Belt Master/ Corporate Coaching/ A Six Sigma Instructor authorized by the American Quality Society/ Refined Brand Operation Management Consultant/ Senior Consultant at Leithon/
International Coaching Association ICF/ International Facilitator Association ICA/ Top 10 Behavioral Learning Instructors in China/ Expert in China Business Strategy Marketing Simulation Strategy/ Senior Executive Coach of Legend Holdings Group/ Chief Executive Consultant, Tasly Group Strategy/ Strategic Advisor to Haier Group Platform Strategy Consultant, Alibaba Group
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Master/ Former Senior Consultant of Aviation Industry Corporation of China/ Special speaker of China Quality Association, China Manufacturing International Forum, China Mechanical Engineering Society, and the 3rd Internet of Everything Wisdom Summit Economic Forum/ PMI Project Management System Specialist
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